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Rocker Switches & Accessories

Custom Rocker Switches
Red or blue systems in operation and backlighting LED’s.

Part # 80-911-0037-00 ON/OFF red LED
Part # 80-911-0038-00 mom ON/OFF red LED
Part # 80-911-0039-00 ON/OFF/ON red LED
Part # 80-911-0040-00 mom ON/OFF/mom ON red LED
Part # 80-911-0066-00 mom ON/OFF blue LED
Part # 80-911-0071-00 mom ON/OFF/mom ON blue LED

Rocker Switch Cable Assembly

Suitable for Switch Control Interface (SCI) and Digital Switch
Breakout (DSB) compatible with rocker switches.

Part # 80-911-0018-00 .5 meter
Part # 80-911-0019-00 1 meter
Part # 80-911-0020-00 2 meter
Part # 80-911-0021-00 3 meter
Part # 80-911-0022-00 4 meter
Part # 80-911-0023-00 5 meter

Contura and Rocker Switch Mounting Brackets(neem contact op voor beschikbaarheid)

• Mount multiple Contura or Rocker style switches in one opening
• Provides a neat, finished appearance on dash or panel surfaces

1001718 Plug
1001717 Single
1001703 End (L or R)
1001702 Double
1001701 Triple (plug included)

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