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Control X: The Smartest and Sleekest CZone Module

When it comes to marine electrical systems, having a reliable and efficient control module is essential. That's where Control X comes in. It is not only the smartest and sleekest CZone module on the market but also the first one with a fully waterproof enclosure. With its advanced features and innovative design, Control X takes system design and installation to a whole new level.

The Ultimate Flexibility

One of the standout features of Control X is its configurable input and output channels, which provide ultimate flexibility for optimizing system design and installation. This means that you can easily customize your setup according to your specific requirements, without any limitations. Whether you need to control lighting, motors, or switches, Control X has got you covered.

Smart MOSFET Switching Technology

Control X utilizes the latest smart MOSFET switching technology, which offers improved reliability and silent operation. This cutting-edge technology ensures that your marine electrical system functions smoothly and efficiently without any noise or glitches. Say goodbye to annoying buzzing sounds or sudden failures.

A Wide Range of Features

In addition to its impressive performance, Control X boasts an array of features that make it stand out from other modules on the market:

The Control X Family

The Control X family consists of two main variants: Control X PLUS and Control X. Each variant is available as a complete package with connectors or as an interface-only option, depending on your specific needs. Additionally, there are connector kits available for both variants to ensure easy installation and compatibility.

In summary, Control X sets a new standard in marine electrical control modules. Its smart and sleek design combined with its advanced features make it an ideal choice for optimizing system design and installation. With Control X, you can have complete flexibility and reliability in your marine electrical system, ensuring smooth operation wherever you go.

RGB Lighting Control with CZone's Control X

In the world of marine lighting, having control over the ambiance and aesthetics of your vessel can greatly enhance the overall experience. CZone, a leading provider of digital switching solutions for boats, has incorporated RGB light control into their Control X series.

The Control X series offers two variants - Control X PLUS and Control X

With these controllers, boat owners can independently adjust the brightness of lights on the same color zone, smoothly transition between color effects, and even control lighting scenes from CZone circuits like party mode or night-time navigation.

One notable feature of the Control X series is its ability to monitor automatic bilge pumps. The output channels of these controllers have voltage backfeed detection capability that allows them to monitor if a circuit has been turned on externally. This feature enables operators to be notified if automatic bilge pumps have been turned on and use external voltage signals to trigger other functions.

For monitoring purposes, the Control X series provides 27 channels (Control X PLUS), 23 channels (Control X), including battery voltage, house current draw, state of charge, analog and digital inputs. These controllers consume a maximum of 200mA during operation and less than 5mA in sleep mode.

In terms of protection against water ingress, all high side output channels of the Control X series are rated at IPX7. This ensures that they are fully protected against water submersion up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Connectivity-wise, these controllers offer NMEA 2000 compatibility with one Micro-C port and support for PGN outputs such as fluid level, pressure, temperature, battery volts, and state of charge. They also operate within a wide temperature range from -5°F to +131°F (-15°C to +55°C) and comply with ignition protection standards as well as CE certification.

With regards to power requirements, the Control X series operates on a nominal voltage of 9-32V and has a maximum current rating of 120A. Monitoring circuit current is possible for all output channels.

The Control X series also offers flexibility in terms of RGB lighting control. The Control X PLUS variant supports two RGB zones while the Control X variant supports one RGB zone. Additionally, the Control X PLUS variant provides reversing motor control for up to two motors, whereas the other variants do not have this feature.

In terms of dimensions, the Control X measures 9.70" x 5.41" x 2.13" (246.5 x 137.4 x 54.0mm) and weighs 1.79 lb (810g), while the Control X PLUS measures slightly smaller at 1.75 lb (792g). Both variants come with a warranty period of two years.

To further enhance functionality, the Control X series can synchronize up to eight wiper motors on the same module and allows easy configuration of slow and high-speed control as well as three unique intermittent timers.

One key technological advancement in CZone's Control X series is its use of smart MOSFET technology for switching operations. This solid-state MOSFET technology eliminates the need for physical fuses by providing temperature monitoring and configurable overcurrent protection in smaller, more reliable components. Fuse ratings can be easily entered into the configuration file through software.

In conclusion, CZone's Control X series offers boat owners advanced RGB lighting control capabilities that are both intuitive and versatile. With features like automatic bilge pump monitoring, NMEA 2000 connectivity, and smart MOSFET technology, these controllers provide an excellent solution for enhancing onboard lighting experiences on any vessel

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